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The United States’ economy has experienced a great shift from heavy industry to significant technology. However, this shift has only been enhanced by certain cities as they gain a reputation for harboring innovative entrepreneurs.

Variation in entrepreneurial activities among U.S cities is strongly attributed to the availability of research institutions, access to venture capital, and the vision held by leaders. The most entrepreneurial cities in the US are home to the country’s significant firms in STEM fields which are the primary producers of patented technology.

Here’s the list of the most entrepreneurial cities in the U.S.

On The West Coast

San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California

The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara Metro in California is the most entrepreneurial city in the US. This is the home of the Silicone Valley, which houses the country’s major technology firms and an incubator for startups.

The metro area harbors key research institutions like the University of California-Davis, Stanford University, and Santa Clara University. Founded in 1978, San Jose’s mission is to “celebrate the present and encourage the development of innovative technology.”

Bremerton-Silverdale, Washington

With a population of 260,000, Bremerton-Silverdale has emerged as one of the most innovative cities the US. This is home to technological firms like SuperCritical Technologies, Applied Technical Systems and Gryphon Technologies. The city had been granted over 7,200 patents by 2015.

Innovation Elsewhere

Austin, Texas

Austin was recently considered the number-one place for Americans to start their entrepreneurial journey. Reports indicate that Austin experienced the fastest startup growth rate in the US.

Austin is known for its educated workforce, smart energy innovations, and support for the small business community.

Rochester, Minnesota

With a population of 213,000, Rochester is the home of Mayo Clinic, an organization that employs over 35,000 people. Rochester was granted about 6,000 patents by 2015 with IBM playing the most significant role in the Metro’s entrepreneurial activities. Rochester has a 492-acre campus set aside to house businesses in the medical, high-tech, manufacturing and biomedical sectors.

Boulder, Colorado

Apart from its eccentric and diverse population, Boulder has maintained its position as an entrepreneurial powerhouse. It is the number-one city for female entrepreneurs besides its position as an affluent town center and among the top 20 most productive metro regions in GDP.

Key ventures in Boulder include TechStars, Ball Aerospace, and Celestial Seasoning (a herbal tea manufacturer). The entrepreneurial activity in Boulder has been bolstered by venture capitals like Foundry Group.

These are a few of the many places that are pushing to bring about innovation and more companies in the United States.