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For a long time, workers have been known to be successful only when they are always busy. However, many have found that this can be a bad indicator for not only an employer but for those in the personal life of an employee. Check out these ways that you can be a productive worker without spending too much time at work.


As you spend more time working in your career, you should get a good sense of how long certain tasks will take you to complete. You might meet a bit of a snag though when you show up for work every day without planning on what tasks you need to be done or partially completed before you end up going home. Counteract this issue by planning each day ahead of time by inserting crucial tasks in blocks that don’t take up important time like when you have to go to a meeting or when must absolutely leave the office for that day. Planning it this way can make it easier so you aren’t scrambling around at the beginning of the day to find tasks to do or have you wasting time looking over a non-crucial task too much. Always make sure you plan ahead when you’re looking to have a productive day.


Whether you’re working at home or you’re in a group conversation with a bunch of your friends, it’s very easy to get distracted when you’re supposed to be working. Homing in and removing some of these distractions can ensure that you aren’t having to spend overtime being at the work office. To clear your distractions, think about shutting off your personal phone at the beginning of the day so you aren’t tempted to keep responding to your friends when you should be working. Many workers have also found the Pomodoro technique to be very useful for distractions as it gives you a five-minute break every time you have 25 minutes of uninterrupted work. Once you have your five-minute break, make sure that you aren’t thinking much as this can exhaust your brain quickly when you end up going back to work another 25 minutes. Either way you do it, ensure that you have some way to get rid of any distractions you may have during your workday.